Bathtub drain diagrams | The ABC’s Brian Ross | 7:30 News

Bathtub drains are ubiquitous throughout the United States.

There are more than 20,000 in our nation’s capital alone, and more than 70,000 throughout the country’s largest cities.

Some drain in public areas.

Some do it on private property.

But one type of drain in particular is almost universally ignored.

This drain, or drain pipe, is the drain that is installed in a bathroom and usually sits in a sink, or in the middle of a toilet.

The drain is used to collect rainwater for watering the garden.

The drainage pipe is often attached to the inside of the toilet or toilet seat.

If you have ever wondered how the drain looks, this is where it will be most visible to the naked eye.

The inside of a drain pipe.

The outside of a drainage pipe.

When you are in the shower or shower stall, the drain is typically covered by a toilet seat and a shower curtain.

This creates an airtight seal between the toilet and the drain pipe and prevents any water from leaking.

You can often see this seal when you look at the drain.

But it can also be hidden by a bathtub wall or other materials.

Drain pipe is usually installed on the outside of the stall and is normally in the water line.

It’s not uncommon to see the drain sitting directly underneath the stall.

The inside of one of these drain pipes.

When you are outside in the rain, the water drains into the drainpipe.

You usually don’t notice this.

But when the rain starts, it will start to flow directly into the toilet.

You may see the water running into the bowl of the sink, a drain on the floor, or even the toilet itself.

When the water runs into the drainage pipe, it also starts to drain into the water heater.

And then, in an emergency, water will come out of the water heaters.

The water is usually not safe to drink and it can lead to illness.

When water starts to pour into a toilet bowl, it’s a sign that the water has been in the toilet bowl for a long time and that the bowl is leaking.

Water pouring out of a bath tub drain.

A drain pipe is located on the inside or outside of your toilet.

In most bathrooms, there is a drain inside the stall, usually a sink drain.

This drain is usually located behind the stall in a dark area of the bathroom.

If you’ve ever noticed that the drain on a stall is a little larger than the drain in the bathroom, that’s because the drain from the toilet is often connected to the water tank in the stall by a separate water line or pipe.

If this water line goes into a sink in a public bathroom, the toilet seat or toilet is likely exposed.

You could have your water turned off, or your water heater could be damaged.

If the water is leaking from the water supply to your toilet, you could be exposed to disease, bacteria, and viruses.

So when you are outdoors in the bathtub, keep your eyes peeled for the drain pipes that are in your stall and toilet.

Water can flow through pipes in the sink or shower, and sometimes you may even see them dripping out of them.

So be aware of them if you are not sure they are connected to your plumbing.

It is common to see drain pipes installed in the washroom, bathroom, or kitchen, where they usually sit in a toilet, shower stall or toilet chair.

These drains usually sit between the stall floor and the toilet, and usually the pipe connects to a drain in a water heater, water pump, or a sewer pipe.

Sometimes, you will also find a drain installed in an enclosed space, such as a shower stall.

This type of pipe connects directly to the toilet in a separate room.

In these bathrooms, the pipe runs from the bathroom sink to the bath tub and then back to the sink.

This pipe may also be attached to a toilet cover.

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