How to Make Your Own Devil’s Bathtub Cover

Last week, Ars posted an article that detailed how to make your own devil’s shower curtain.

In this week’s installment of Ars Technic’s “Devils Bathtub” series, we’re going to do it again.

This time, we’ll make our own custom cover for a bathtub with the help of a few DIY techniques and some simple but powerful tools.

Let’s get started.

The Devil’s Shower Cover The first step is to buy a nice, solid-wood cabinet.

(If you can’t find a good cabinet, you can probably make one from the cheapest parts available.)

A solid-core wood cabinet is usually a bit thicker than a porcelain cabinet.

It also has a nice curve, so it’ll work well for your shower curtain’s design.

For our case, we used a 6-inch piece of hardwood, which is a bit thick.

For a better fit, we decided to use a 6½-inch slab of hardboard.

You can also use plywood, but that’s not as thick.

In addition to the cabinet, we also bought a 6ft long 2×4, which would make a decent shower curtain for our case.

The 2×8 will also hold up well in the rain.

To make this cover, we took the cabinet apart and put it back together, with some screws and nuts, as well as a few screws and screws and bolts, which was easy.

Next, we mounted the shower curtain to the base of the cabinet.

For this, we grabbed a couple of extra lengths of 2×6 wood and cut a couple off of them to make room for the shower.

The shower curtain will sit on the baseboard underneath the cabinet cover.

It’s a nice way to keep things organized.

To hold the curtain up, we put a couple screws through the cover to hold it up.

(This is the kind of setup that most people don’t use in a shower.)

Once the shower cover is mounted, we attached the shower door.

To keep the curtain in place, we tied a knot in the end of the shower hose and held it to the shower seat.

It took some effort, but it worked out well.

The rest of the assembly is done.

Here’s the cover in its final form.

Here you can see the shower’s two openings, with the opening for the water coming from the water source.

There are also two openings in the ceiling, one for the light and one for a shower curtain that you can turn off when not in use.

Next up, the curtain.

The curtain is a 2×2 piece of wood.

The cabinet cover is a 5×6 piece of solid wood, and the shower window is a 3×3 piece of laminated wood.

This means we had to drill holes for the openings, and cut off the ends of the wood so that we could attach the curtain to it.

The bottom of the curtain is attached with a few bolts and nuts.

We also made some brackets for the two water and light sources, and a few for the curtain itself.

Next on the list is the shower head.

We made a bracket to hold the showerhead on top of the cover.

A 3-inch diameter hole was drilled through the front of the bracket, which we used to attach the shower to the cover and bracket.

A couple of screws were installed through the brackets to hold everything together.

Then, to attach it to everything, we drilled holes in the bracket and the front, as seen above.

Here we can see how the shower heads are connected.

A few screws are threaded into the shower rod.

To help keep the shower rods and shower heads connected, we cut some more holes in both ends of each of the rods.

The back of the water rod is attached to the back of each bracket with a screw, and then to the front with a bolt.

This is done so that the water comes out the back, but the shower will still be in place.

It’ll still be waterproof.

A waterproof shower curtain can be pretty hard to install, especially when you’re making your own cover.

For that reason, we made a small rubber sheet to help keep things clean while we were making the cover for our shower.

For the shower curtains, we bought a piece of 2×4 to make a showerhead bracket that would attach to the bracket on the front.

We attached the bracket to the door with two screws.

Here, you see the bracket we used as the showerheads connection.

The brackets were cut from 2×10 and 2×12.

To attach them to the curtain, we placed them in the holes and drilled them into the bracket.

We used some rubber to help prevent the shower from splashing and splash water on the bracket when the shower was in place for a while.

The bracket also held the shower in place while we hung it on the wall.

Once we were satisfied with the shower shower head, we had a

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