Diy Bathtub Porsches: “It Was Just a Great Experience”

A few months ago, I sat in my office, looking out the window at the beach, and saw a tiny boat sitting in the middle of the water, surrounded by tiny sand castles.

It was Diy.

A few years ago, the company that makes the Porscher P2 sported a similar concept, but it was never released to the public.

But Diy has a brand new, tiny boat, and it looks just as great.

I sat down to watch it as it drove along the shoreline of Laguna Beach, California.

The boat is a tiny little boat.

But it looks as good as the P2.

I didn’t think I’d ever see one of these boats, but I had no idea that this little boat was made by Diy, which also makes a small boat called the P1, or that Diy had just released a tiny, very cute little boat that’s called the Diy P1.

Diy also makes tiny boats that you can see in the movies and commercials and on TV.

So I figured, you know, it’s a cool idea.

And then I sat there and I just looked at it.

It’s a tiny thing.

It has a tiny window on the side.

It looks like a little tiny bathtub.

And it looks like the P3, which has a larger window.

And there are tiny things going on in it.

But I’m not really into boats, and I’ve never owned one.

I don’t have a boat.

I’ve got no idea what I want to do with it.

The P1 is the smallest boat that Diys has made, and that is probably the reason that it’s on the list of things to watch.

Diys built it in order to sell it.

Dios goal is to make a boat that people can own, so they can see what’s out there, so that people are going to have a choice.

It is designed to be a very simple, inexpensive, small boat, which is what people want.

So that’s what makes it so special.

The tiny boat that we see in these movies and on this show is designed in such a way that people don’t need to buy anything.

It doesn’t even need a trailer.

It just fits into a trailer, so it can be driven around the property.

That’s what Diy did, and they were so proud of it.

They were going to sell a million boats in three years.

And they sold two million.

DiY is now in the process of releasing two other boats.

The first one is a very large, very fancy boat that is designed for a private pilot.

And that’s going to be released to people who want to fly it.

And the second one is, I guess, a smaller boat, a very cute boat.

And so it’s going out on a cruise to go around the world, and then the Diys P3 is going to go out on the world.

And if you’re going to watch, if you’ve got the Diies P3 and you want to take it out, you can just buy it for $3,000, and you can take it on a trip and have it on your back, because you’ll be driving it around the globe.

So it’s not something you have to buy.

It really is the way that we have to do things with the Internet today.

It makes a lot of sense to put these boats out there in a way where people can enjoy them.

And I think that’s a great thing for Diy to do.

And what they are doing is really important.

They are saying, we are here to make money, and we want to make it as easy as possible for people to buy these boats.

And you can find it on Diy’s website, or you can call the company and say, “Hey, I want a Diy boat.”

Diy is really trying to be very clear about what they do and how they do it.

So Diy does not want to put anything out that is not as easy to use as the boat is.

But they are also very clear that they want people to go on the boats, because if you do not want them, then they can’t sell them.

So if you don’t want one, they don’t sell you one.

And a lot has been made about the fact that Diies boats are more expensive than those of other companies.

But there’s a lot that I don, youknow, I don�t think you should have to pay $3 million for a P1 boat.

There’s a very basic truth.

And Diy really wants to be clear about that.

But, youre still going to want one of the smaller boats.

Youre going to need a little boat, if that�s your

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