4-Year-Old Girl Gets Locked Up in Metal Bathtub, Gets Hit With a Car, & Is In A Metal Car

4-year-old Emily Hartnett was left in the car for three hours while she waited for her mother to get to the hospital.

When she finally got there, the car was parked in a handicap garage.

“She was locked up in the metal car and she was just in a metal bathtub,” her grandmother said.

The car was not hers.

It belonged to a relative who also had her on a medical leave.

She was taken to the local hospital.

The hospital didn’t know where the car belonged.

They didn’t have her ID, but they did have her mother’s ID.

The family was told that she was at home, and the car would be returned to her when she was safe.

But the car didn’t belong to Emily’s mother, but to her brother, who lived in the same neighborhood.

The car was taken and driven to a home nearby, where it was later found.

It was parked at a parking lot, and someone called the police.

Emily’s mother says the car owner is not her husband.

The police told the family that there was no reason to believe the car wasn’t theirs.

The family was contacted by a doctor, who said the car belongs to a patient who had been in the hospital for a couple of days.

The doctor said that if they were to give Emily a new car, the family would have to give them a deposit for it.

The family asked for a court order to get the car back.

But the family had to wait until Tuesday morning, because the court order was set to expire at 11:59 p.m.

It wasn’t until Wednesday morning that the car finally returned to the Hartnetts.

The Hartnets are not happy with the situation.

They’re upset that they had to be locked up for three days while they waited for a new vehicle to arrive.

They’re also concerned about Emily’s health.

Emily’s brother had a minor heart attack while Emily was in the ambulance, and she needed surgery.

She had a cardiac arrest.

They’re concerned about their daughter’s safety, too.

In a statement, the city of Atlanta said they are investigating the incident.

They said they have sent an inspector to check out the garage where the accident occurred.

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