What’s wrong with pink bathtubs?

Pink bathtub paint is more widely used than traditional blue bathtubes, but there’s a problem.

According to a new study, the colour has a tendency to attract mold.

The research suggests that the paint is causing a “negative feedback cycle”, causing the paint to be absorbed by the bathtub walls and becoming mouldy. 

Read moreRead more  Read all about the research in this week’s New Scientist magazine. 

The results are based on a study of 1,500 tubs of water in the US.

“The water was treated for a year and used to create mouldy mouldy water that was then mixed with bleach to create a ‘pink’ bathtub paint,” said Professor Matthew Williams, from University College London, who led the research.

“This is an experiment where we’re trying to understand the relationship between water quality and water quality, so how we can control water quality in the environment, to keep things clean and healthy.”

The researchers tested the mouldy paint in water from a local business using a modified version of the method used to clean up the UK’s polluted sewage system.

In addition to the dye, the team used a dye and an air filter to remove the mould.

They also tested the paint against the water of a nearby factory, to see how well it worked.

The scientists found that the colour of the paint was more likely to attract the mould, with a concentration of 99.9% higher than in the untreated water.

It also attracted a much higher concentration of bacteria, which are known to be more likely than other types of mould to thrive in water.

“The fact that the water is pink means that it’s more susceptible to bacterial growth than blue water, which is also a colour that’s associated with good water quality,” said Williams.

Williams is concerned that the pink paint could lead to mould growth, as it contains chemicals that can lead to food poisoning, and could even lead to cancer in some cases.

“It’s important to remember that moulds are highly toxic and they’re not only resistant to water, but they’re also able to be mould-resistant,” he said.

“So it is possible that the color of the water could lead people to think that it would be OK for mould to grow, and in fact that it might lead to the spread of mould.”

The scientists hope that this study can help authorities in the UK develop a new approach to cleaning up polluted sewage.

Mould could also lead to problems for people living in other parts of the world, with studies in China and India showing that mould in the air and water could cause cancer.

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