How to Remove a Bathtub Drain Cover

The most common type of drain cover is a tub-to-basin cover.

This type of cover is often made of fiberglass or plastic.

Fiberglass covers are often made from aluminum and aluminum covers are usually more durable than plastic ones.

However, you may find plastic or aluminum covers to be less durable than fiberglass.

If you do find a plastic or fiberglass cover that you think is worth removing, be sure to follow these instructions: Wash the surface thoroughly.

If the cover has been in use for at least five years, you’ll need to thoroughly wash it.

Remove the cover, leaving the plastic and aluminum pieces.

If possible, take the plastic out first, because it’s easier to remove.

Take the fiberglass out of the cover and place it on the drain.

The fiberglass will break down as it dries.

Then, place the cover back on the sink.

If using a drain cover with a threaded or threaded insert, remove the cover from the drain as soon as it’s finished drying.

If a drain plug is installed, you can use the included lube and water to clean it off, but you can also remove the plug if you don’t want to risk contaminating the water.

You can use a plastic drain cover to remove a bathtub cover from a bathtub.

Use the included plastic insert to insert the tub drain cover into the drain, then place it in the tub.

After the cover is installed in the drain and it’s dry, drain it to drain it again.

Drain the bathtub and put it in a bucket.

You’ll need about three gallons of water for each bathtub.

After you’ve drained all the water out of your tub, place it back in the bath.

When you’re finished, rinse the tub and wash the cover thoroughly.

Replace the cover if it’s still broken down.

If there are any loose pieces left in the cover or if you have any leftover water, replace the cover.

Do not use the cover to drain the tub, as this may contaminate the water you use to clean the tub with.

When the tub is ready to use, place your tub drain back into the tub for a full soak and remove the covering.

Repeat this process until all the cover pieces are removed.

You may need to replace the plastic insert at this point if the cover doesn’t hold well.

If it’s too difficult to remove the tub cover, it’s recommended to wait at least an hour before removing it again to ensure it’s secure and ready for use.

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