How to make a $250,000 metal bathtub refinish kit: How to fold and attach a bathtub

A few weeks ago, I got my hands on a tub refinishing package that had the hallmarks of a big budget product: a folding bathtub, a metal bathtubes, and a metal tub base.

The base included a 2-inch-thick stainless steel tub base and a stainless steel bathtub base.

I thought the base looked great and, after some research, figured I’d put together a DIY kit to fold a tub and attach it to my home.

The folding kit included everything I needed, including a folding table, two-by-four screws, and some duct tape.

The tub base also came with some duct-tape, but I had no idea what to do with it.

I decided to make my own, using some basic tools I’d already built in the past: a hobby knife and a large pair of scissors.

The project took less than 30 minutes.

Here’s how to make the kit: Make a folding tub base The first step is to make your own folding base.

For this tutorial, I’m using the tub base I already had built and it’s a sturdy, 12-by 12-inch piece of metal.

Use the table and a couple of screws to cut a piece of 3/4-inch plywood to fit inside the base.

Fold the plywood over to form a base.

Next, drill a hole through the top of the base to attach the base directly to your home.

Use a hacksaw to cut some small holes in the base, then drill two holes through the base with a drill bit.

Screw the base into the base using the screws.

I used two screws for this project.

Make the base for your bathtub DIY Here are the steps for making your own metal tub refinish base: 1.

Drill holes for the base screws.

To make this base for the bathtub-to-bathtub fold, drill two 1/2-inch holes through each of the top and bottom pieces of the ply wood, making sure they’re not parallel.

I drilled the hole on the bottom, where it connects to the bath tub.

The holes are for the tub to fold on top of. 2.

Cut two 1-inch pieces of plywood that are 2 inches long from the base’s center.


Cut a small hole in the center of each of these 2-by 2-inches pieces.

You can cut a 1-by 1-1-inch hole in one piece and a 1/8-inch long hole in another piece.

The larger hole in each piece is to attach it directly to the tub.


Cut 1/4 inch-thicken steel tubing (from the bathtube base) and a 4-inch strip of duct tape (from your favorite bathroom or closet shelf) from the top piece of ply wood.

Using a hobbyknife, cut a strip of plywoods to fit snugly inside the 1-piece base.


Drill the holes through both pieces of wood to attach them to the base as shown.


Screw a small 4-by 4-in.

piece of duct-T tape onto each piece of wood, forming a tight seal around the base and the base tub.

I had some handy, too.

To attach the tub and the bath, attach it using duct tape to the 2-in.-long piece of PVC pipe (from a plumbing closet shelf or the shower), then screw the base onto the tub using the base base’s screws.

For the base top, cut one 2- by 2-foot strip of PVC tube from the tub’s base.

Cut one piece of plastic tubing (the tube you used to attach to the top) to the length of the PVC tube.

You might have to trim some excess plastic off of the tube to make it fit snug.

Screw it on to the side of the tub, where the base will be. 7.

Cut 4- by 4-inches of duct masking tape (or a 1½-by ½-inch plastic sheet of masking paper) and attach the tube top to the bottom of the bath.


Drill a small 1/3-inch screw hole through both PVC tube pieces (1/2″ and 2″).

Screw the tube’s top to both pieces, and attach to your bath tub’s top using duct- tape to secure the base in place.

For my base, I made a small screw hole in both PVC tubes.


Drill another 1/32-inch opening for the two-foot PVC pipe.

Cut an 8-inch length of PVC tape and cut a 3-inch channel through the opening.


Screw this channel through your bath’s top.

The duct-sanding tape is attached by the 2½-inch PVC pipe on the tub bottom.


Connect the tub top to your shower

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