How to Make Your Own Baby Bathtub Tile surround

You can use the tiles to make your own baby bath tub surround.

You can also use the tile to cover a bathroom wall and add a little splash of color to your room.

We love these baby bath tiles so much, we even have a free video on how to make a tile for your bathroom.

You will need: 6 inches of clear, white fabric (optional) A couple sheets of paper towel A ruler or pencil The pattern and color for the tiles will vary depending on the size of the tile and whether or not you want to use wallpaper or not.

Start by cutting off a couple of inches of the fabric.

Once you have a nice rectangle, you can fold it in half.

Use a ruler or a pencil to mark where you want your tiles to start.

Fold the rectangle into two triangles and then cut each of those triangles into two squares.

Then fold the triangle in half again and cut each square into two rectangles.

Use the ruler or the pencil to cut out the sides of each square.

You’ll need to cut off the bottom triangles.

Once the triangles are cut, use the ruler and pencil to measure the length of each rectangle.

You want to be sure to have enough room to fold them all over each other.

Cut the corners off the corners and then fold them over into triangles.

Cut each triangle into a square and then stitch it onto the other triangles.

This will give you four square tiles.

Fold in the corners of each tile to create the walls.

Fold these into triangles, and you have four wall tiles.

You may need to trim the edges a little bit.

You should have a total of six wall tiles in your finished room.

Now you’re ready to decorate!

We hope you enjoy the video and find this tutorial helpful.

If you have any questions or comments about how we made these baby tile surrounds, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

And if you enjoyed this tutorial, share it on Facebook or Twitter!

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