How to build your own alcove toilet

The idea of a bathtub-style toilet seems like a novelty, but that’s exactly what some are doing with their own alfresco tubs.

These luxury tubs are built around an acrylic bathtub that you can access via an open-ended staircase and then you can set up a sink, bowl and sinkhole, according to Alamy.

But, for those who want a more intimate look into their home, these tubs will likely be the best option for those with special needs.

Here’s how you can build your very own algal bathtub.


Choose a design The most obvious solution is to just buy an acrylic tub.

It has the benefit of being a durable option and being flexible, according the Bathtub Designer’s Guide.

However, the tub also tends to cost more than other options.

The Alamy Bathtub is the cheapest option, but its design is not exactly sleek.

You may be better off looking for a tub that has an open, open-ish design instead.


Get creative Alcove Bathtubs come in many shapes and sizes.

Some of the best options for alcoves come with a built-in sink, which can also be a very functional option.

You can even buy a tub with a separate bathroom.

The best option is to design your own bathtub by taking inspiration from other people’s creations.

Here are some ideas: A bathtub shaped like a car engine.

A bath tub with curved sides and a bowl with a tub-shaped lid.

A tub that can fit in the bathroom, while also being more comfortable.

The alcovid bathtub pictured above, which has a spiral staircase.


Find the right size and style Alcoves can be designed in a wide range of sizes and styles.

These include two tubs that are 6ft long and 5ft wide, a 2ft tub that is 8ft long, a 3ft tub with an open bathtub, and a 4ft tub.

A lot of alcovy tubs come with an option for a 3-in-1 tub that sits on top of the main tub, making it ideal for kids.


Choose the right materials and tools to build a bath tub.

There are a few materials that you’ll need to get started with.

The easiest option is a tub and sink.

It’s simple and takes about $40, but the materials can also cost upwards of $100.

You’ll also want a set of screws, and some nails.

The final step will be to find the right hardware and tools.

Check out this article to learn more about how to build alcoved tubs with tools.

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