How to fix a leaking toilet

A leaky toilet can ruin a day and a night, and that’s just what happened to a teenage boy in Queensland.

Key points:A man called Paul called police to report a leaky bathroomThe boy was found inside a leaking bathroomA bathtub was used to wash his handsThe boy had his mouth taped closed to prevent him from spittingThe boy’s mum called police after the boy woke up in the middle of the night and told her about the leaky toilets.

“He woke up, he was in his bedroom, he’s in his room, he opened the door, he came out and he saw there was a leak in the toilet,” her mother said.

“It’s just shocking, to be honest, to find that in the morning and find that it was leaking.”

I’m just really worried about his safety and his future.

“The boy said he was using a towel to clean himself and that it did not leak.”

The bathtub is the worst, the worst thing you can imagine, it’s a bathtub, you could just wash your hands in there,” he said.

The boy spent about three hours in hospital in a critical condition before he was discharged.”

There was no warning signs at all, they just had me in a room and it was just horrible, the whole experience,” his mother said on the ABC’s 7:30 program.

The toilet had been leaking since last Tuesday and was leaking so much that it had to be cleaned up.”

At the end of the day, it just wasn’t enough, the bathtub’s just the worst,” she said.

Paul, a construction worker, had not been drinking or smoking, and did not smoke.

He was admitted to the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital with a head injury, but doctors were worried about how long it would take to heal.”

We had to make sure he was conscious,” said Dr Rachel Gurney.”

Because there were some issues, he could not breathe on his own, and it’s not going to be easy, it was going to take a long time,” she added.”

Paul was in such a bad state, so we didn’t know how long he would be out.

“The toilet was flushed, and a team was sent to clean it up.

The team found the boy lying on the floor with his mouth closed and his hands taped closed.

He had his nose and ear cut.

Dr Gurnney said there was no sign of foul play.”

His jaw was taped, he had his lips sealed, he wasn’t spitting, he didn’t have any other injuries,” she explained.”

If he had been smoking, he would have had a lot of saliva and we would have seen that immediately, but there wasn’t.

“Dr Gowney said she was glad the toilet was repaired, and the boy would not have to worry about going to the toilet again.”

When we get a leak, we try to stop it as quickly as possible and we’ve done that here, we’ve stopped it in the kitchen and the bath.

“So we’re glad we’ve got the clean-up done so we’re not going back into that situation again.”

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