Homeowners repair bathtub leaks, then find a new one

By LORRAINE A. HALL / Staff PhotographerA bathroom sink has been leaking water for months in a south-central Pennsylvania home.

The water has not been treated and no one has been held accountable.

On Friday, the sink was leaking water from the bathtub drain and into the kitchen sink.

The sink is near a lake in Pennsylvania.

The drain in question is near the lake in the same neighborhood.

The water was treated and cleaned.

On Tuesday, the lake was filled and the sink back in operation.

But the sink has continued to leak water.

“We just started cleaning up the drain in the sink and we have a sink and a sink, a bathtub, so the drain is very small, and the drain looks clean,” said neighbor Sarah R. Ruggiero.

She is one of several people who have complained to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

The department says it is investigating and will take appropriate action.

The Department of Water Resources says the sink is in an area where it is permitted to treat sewage.

They say the department will issue permits if they are approved.

In this case, the department says the permit is being sought because the sewer line runs through the backyard.

“So it’s really a small matter that I don’t know how much they paid to have the drain treated, and how much was done to repair the drain,” said Ruggirio.

“I know it looks a lot bigger than it is,” she added.

A state agency said the Department of Energy has also been investigating.

“This is a water quality issue, and this is a drain issue,” said Dan L. Wurz, Director of the Department, in a statement.

“It’s the Department’s responsibility to provide a safe and sanitary environment for our residents.

If this sewer treatment and maintenance is not done, the public will have to pay for the repairs.”

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