Why is cheap water not being used in the West Bank?

Posted May 07, 2018 12:12:23In the West, it is still cheaper than the alternatives, such as water that is piped through pipes and pumped into the ground, which would be far more expensive and environmentally destructive.

In Gaza, however, water is considered a scarce resource and is not available for consumption, leaving Gaza to rely on underground pumps, pipes, and wells to keep its water supply running.

In other words, it has the option of using cheap, highly-polluting water to supply its residents.

But the situation is dire.

Water is scarce in Gaza.

Water in Gaza is considered an urgent need.

So, the Israeli government decided to take it upon themselves to build a large water tower that would be able to supply Gaza with water, and water would be piped into Gaza via underground pipes.

Water prices in Gaza have risen sharply since the outbreak of the war in the Gaza Strip in the summer of 2014.

According to Israeli Water Authority figures, Gazans have been paying approximately $8.50 per cubic meter of water since the beginning of the year, a 50 percent increase over the previous year.

This increase has increased by more than 30 percent in the first seven months of 2017.

Water in Gaza has become unaffordable for the vast majority of Gaza residents, with most Gazans paying between $3.50 and $5 per cubic meters of water per day.

While this amount is lower than in other parts of the world, it still means that more than 90 percent of Gaza households have not been able to purchase enough water to meet their daily needs.

According to an Israeli water expert, “There is an economic gap between what the Israeli authorities have set as the ‘target’ price of the water in Gaza, and what the residents have been receiving.”

This economic gap is due to the fact that Gazans cannot afford to buy water for their homes, which means that the price of water is higher than the price at which they can obtain water in other places in the world.

The price of Gaza’s water has also increased.

According the Water Authority, Gaza has approximately 20 percent of the population below the poverty line, meaning that 90 percent or more of the residents of Gaza do not have enough to meet basic needs.

This means that many Gazans are paying a heavy price for the water they need, which in turn makes them more vulnerable to the harsh weather conditions and flooding that plague the Gaza strip.

Water scarcity and economic deprivation have led to widespread unrest and protests in the Palestinian territories.

The Palestinian territories have faced serious economic problems over the last decade, and the crisis has only intensified in recent years.

As a result, the number of water protests in Gaza increased dramatically, particularly in the past five years.

According a report published by the Israeli NGO Save the Children, a significant portion of the Palestinian youth in Gaza were participating in water protests against the Israeli blockade.

The youth were protesting against the lack of water, the lack the availability of water to the public, and for their economic insecurity.

Water protests also have the potential to bring attention to a wider issue of the state of the Israeli economy, which has been increasingly reliant on water from the Gaza and other parts.

As a result of the escalating water crisis in Gaza and the growing numbers of water protesters, the government of Israel has been forced to take drastic measures, including banning water protests from taking place in Gaza due to its own financial crisis and the high cost of the construction of the new water tower.

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