Bathtub of doom, bathtub of hope for new Dubliners


The epoxy baths of doom!

The bathtub, the bathtub!

It’s a theme that’s been running for over 30 years and it has found a home in our minds in the new millennium.

But this time it’s happening in Dublin, Ireland.

A few years ago, a young man named Brian was diagnosed with stage 4 glioblastoma.

After a long battle, the cancer has finally gone, and he is now on his way to recovery. 

Brian’s life has been on hold since he underwent the operation to remove the bone from his head.

He now lives in a care home in Dublin with his partner.

His hope is that his cancer will go away and he will be able to go on to live a normal life, but for now he is struggling to find a home. 

He’s got a job, but that doesn’t mean he’s financially secure.

He can’t afford his own home, and as a result his family doesn’t live in Dublin. 

So now he’s looking for something that will make his life more affordable and more manageable. 

And so, Brian started looking at the possibilities of epoxy and its potential applications. 

In an age where homes are getting bigger, we need to be able for our people to live wherever they want and be supported by their families. 

This is what Brian is aiming to do with his epoxy-bathtub project. 

The Bathtub is a self-contained system designed to allow patients with chronic conditions such as gliomas to be placed in a safe, private, and comfortable environment.

The Bathtub uses epoxy resin that is chemically bonded to the bath and can be easily installed by qualified professional installers. 

Epoxy is a highly effective treatment for glioma, and with the advent of epoxies that contain less toxic chemicals, patients will be safer and more comfortable. 

But as the name implies, the Bathtub isn’t just a simple bathtub.

It’s the result of two years of research into how we can harness the power of epoxide for good. 

A few years back, Brian decided to take a leap of faith.

He decided to build his own bathtub out of epoxic resin and the epoxy. 

After a lot of research, Brian and his team of volunteers developed a process that would make the bath more aesthetically pleasing. 

For Brian, this bathtub was a gift from God, and so he wanted to use it to help people. 

What made it so special? 

A bathtub can be a source of comfort, as well as a place to relax and unwind, and the Baths were designed to be the perfect combination of these. 

All of the components were created by volunteers and assembled by Brian himself in his spare time. 

Each Bath is unique, with its own unique finish and details. 

Its dimensions are approximately 60 x 80 x 15cm and is made of 4mm polyethylene and the finished product weighs just over 1lb. 

To make the Bath, Brian used epoxied resin that was chemically bonded with the bath. 

While the bath is made out of polyethylenes, Brian also uses a process called epoxy dyeing to add a soft, beautiful colour to the Bath. 

You can see the Bath’s finished product on the left, and a close up of the bath on the right. 

There are three colours available in the Bath: white, purple, and gold. 

How much does it cost? 

The cost of the Bath was initially estimated at around $30,000. 

Now that the Bath has sold out, the project is funded by the Epoxy Co-op, an initiative run by local businesses and organisations. 

If you’d like to get involved, you can check out the Bath on Facebook for more information and to sign up to receive updates. 

Image Credits: Epoxy bath, Bathtub, epoxy, glioprolactone source RTA title Bathtubs, bathtubs of hope, bath tubs, epoxie article BASHY TUBES OF HOPE!

The Bathtubes of Hope are a new line of epodos that is intended to address the need for accessible, affordable, and secure spaces. 

When Brian was working on the Bathtub of Doom, he realised that the existing epoxy in use in Ireland was being worn out. 

It was also time-consuming to fabricate the Bath from scratch, so he turned to epoxy to provide a more flexible material that can be re-used and reused for many different purposes. 

One of the challenges in using epoxy is that it tends to be more flexible than most other materials. 

However, Brian has used the epoxed resin to build a variety of Baths, and found that it was an ideal material for the Bath of Hope. 

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